Turnbuckle Wrench (4MM, 5MM, HARDENED STEEL)

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TKR1103 – Turnbuckle Wrench (4mm, 5mm, hardened steel)

How do you improve on a simple turnbuckle wrench? The current crop of aluminum turnbuckle wrenches just aren’t cutting it in terms of durability. They wear out easily and are bulky to compensate for their weakness, making it hard to fit into tight places. There are more durable steel wrenches out there too, but they are expensive and sometimes uncomfortable to use.

So we made a hardened steel turnbuckle wrench that is durable, fits into the tightest places, and is comfortable to use. But we didn’t stop there. We turned it into an exceptional value by including two wrenches in one. Now you can use one tool for all of your Tekno RC turnbuckles. There simply is no better turnbuckle wrench on the market.


Hardened steel CNC production
Black coated to help prevent rust
Laser etched size indications (4mm, 5mm)
Comfortable and easy to use
Compatible with any 4 or 5mm turnbuckle vehicle