Tekno 17mm Wheel Wrench/shock cap tool

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KR1116 – 17mm Wheel Wrench, Shock Cap Tool

We are proud to put our own spin on the wheel wrench (no pun intended). Our unique handle design is comfortable in the hand and provides much more leverage versus traditional designs. This is accomplished by a longer handle that has ergonomic chamfering throughout to deliver the best wheel wrench you will ever get your hands on.

We didn’t stop there. The wrench doubles as a shock tool to help aid in the removal and installation of Tekno RC shock caps. Just flip the wrench over and the oval slot on the top fits perfectly over a shock mounting boss on any of our caps.

There is also laser etched markings and a two tone anodized finish that help make the tool look good and easy to spot among the many other wheel wrenches on the market.


Extremely comfortable design.
Extra leverage makes quick work of stubborn wheel nuts.
CNC machined aluminum, two tone anodizing.
Two piece design
Laser etched size indication