Tapered Drive shaft (CENTER, FRONT, 7075 ALUMINUM, BLACK ANODIZED, EB/ET48),EB48.3/ET48.3

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TKR5191 – Tapered Driveshaft (center, front, 7075 aluminum, black anodized)

Lighten your EB48 up with this 7075 aluminum drive shaft by 10 grams! This drive shaft has 10 grams less rotating mass than the standard drive shaft for the EB48(TKR5078). It is tapered for strength and uniformity and laser etched with the Tekno RC logo. The newly designed part will spin truer than the previous driveshaft.


7075 Aluminum construction
Tapered for truer spinning
Black anodized for wear
Laser etched logo
Direct drop-in for the Tekno RC EB48 and ET48