PRSB401R 2022 model

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2022 PR SB401-R 10TH Electric 4wd Off Road Buggy Kit (Centre Slipper/Diff Version)​

PR Racing is excited to finally announce the release of our latest 1/10 electric four-wheel-drive offroad buggy – the 2022 SB401R. We at PR Racing have been working behind the scenes carefully and patiently to refine our products for optimum performance. So quickly, 4 years have passed since the release of our last SB401 chassis and we apologize to our supporters for the wait. The design and performance of the SB401R platform has continued to competitive at all levels, so we have seen no need to replace the design and introduce a new kit every year. The 2022 SB401R has been extensively tested in three major racing territories – the United States, Europe and Japan, after which all the data and feedback from drivers are carefully studied to refine our designs. All this ensures that the kit and its stock setup out of the box is the best baseline for a high-performance buggy that is easy to drive fast for drivers on a broad range of track conditions. There are more than 30 updates in this new kit that include not only those visible at a glance but also changes in materials for various parts to optimize the car’s handling. Shock Absorbers: The smooth operation of shocks with minimum ‘stiction’ is critical for performance. After extensive testing, the test teams have identified new O rings that are now included in the new shock package that also includes revised shock towers. The new towers feature new geometry and setup options that have proven to increase stability on flat or bumpy tracks. Wishbones: New wishbones made from fiber composite are durable and provide the ideal flex characteristics for better track handling. These are matched with new rod ends on the upper suspension links that are made with a new material that has been tested to be more sturdy and with less slop for a more precise handling car. Transmission: The team also looked at how to refine the bullet-proof transmission. The driveshafts and main drive gears are made of all new materials that not only give more positive acceleration, they also result in a more direct drive feel. Chassis: Chassis flex has been a key area of our testing, research and refinement. Too much flex impacts the car’s ability to corner precisely and too little flex results in a car that is too sensitive and hard to drive. Our designers carefully studied and tested chassis flex and developed new softer chassis braces and a re-designed gearbox brace that received very positive feedback from our test drivers in all three countries. Our engineers have also incorporated into the new gearbox brace different setting options so flex can be further fine-tuned for a broad variety of track conditions. Steering: The previous SB401 chassis was known for its stable handling characteristics, especially on loose dirt tracks. Our drivers racing on carpet or astro-turf tracks felt that the car could further be optimized for these high-grip conditions. Our latest car features a re-designed steering plate with geometry that has unlocked more of the car’s potential. This new geometry combines with the included 8-degree C-hubs to produce a steering response that, according to one Japanese test driver, allows the driver to be very connected to the car. We hope this info highlights some of the key changes you can find in the new 2022 SB401R and explains the careful thought behind each update. MIT’s (Made In Taiwan) PR has built a strong reputation across the world for excellent products. The RC community in Taiwan is fortunate as they have not been impacted by raw material supply issues and have a helpful family of racers to readily provide support. Once again, we apologize for the long wait, but we are happy to announce we are now accepting pre-orders for the all new 2022 SB401R.

A number of key components have been totally redesigned to produce a
better handling and more forgiving car to drive. The main focus has been on
the all new narrow 2.5mm chassis and plastic side-pods which utilizes
a carbon fibre reinforced spine to control torsional and longitudinal flex. The
additional flex has proved to increase grip, and make the car feel more
balanced and easier to drive leading to faster, more consistent laps.
Hard anodized 2.5mm Narrow chassis with side-pods
Plastic/carbon chassis spine with CNC alloy bulkheads
Alloy/Carbon floating servo mount
Type R ultra-low CofG Body
New stronger/quieter pinions and ring gears
New vented slipper assembly with ultra-hard shafts
and cups for long life
Top loading slipper/centre diff mount for easy access
Longer diff cups to allow for more droop
Suspension and Steering
12mm 2022 Type R shocks
Suspension hangers with inserts for toe and anti-squat adjustment
Revised Ackermann geometry for improved steering feel
8 Degree CNC caster blocks
CNC alloy rear hubs
Hard wishbones
New shorter black ball cups
New high tensile steel turnbuckles
Type: 1/10th 4wd Off Road
Power Source: Electric
Wheelbase:287mm (variable)
Gear Ratio: 2.6:1
Weight:1680g-1720g race ready (varies)
Hardware: Full metric
Bearings: Sealed Metal Ball Bearings
Wheels:12mm hex
Kit: Assembly required
Items Required to Complete
2 Channel surface frequency radio s system
2S LiPo battery & compatible lipo charger
1/10 ESC, motor & pinion gear
High Speed Servo
1/10 tire and inserts
Tools paint for polycarbonate body, tire
Glue , threadlock
Silicon diff and shock oil