PR S1 V4

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Name:PR S1 V4R (FM) 1/10 Electric 2WD Off Road Buggy PRO Kit (Gear Diff Version)


PR V4R FM retains the main elements of the V3R. With the V4R,
we have added more chassis flex options and quick adjustment design concepts.
Battery Mounting: A change was made to the mounting arm system, which increase chassis flex and also keeps the battery retainment method of the V3R. So using the V3R battery retainer plates, chassis flex can be decreased if needed.
Battery Placement: The front to rear weight can be quickly changed by moving the battery pack forward or back with ease.
Quick adjustments: The new quick access gearbox allows for faster adjustments of gear diff and easy maintenance of ball diffs.
Chassis Design: The 3mm thick chassis has more CNC machining done to create a lighter part along with moving the the car’s center of gravity to a more optimized position.
The PR V4R FM inherits the stability of the previous generation and builds on it. For those with a spare parts bank already, you will be happy to know that instead of a completely new model, we have only redesigned the parts that needed to be. This makes it very easy to upgrade your previous model with the latest parts.
It was necessary to find a better design direction. Although it took a lot of time, we have achieved it.

Items required to complete
• Length: 411mm
• Width: 248mm
• Height: 145mm
• Wheelbase: 280mm-285mm
• Front track: 248mm
• Rear track: 248mm
• Weight:1420-1510 g
• 12.8mm big bore oil fill in shock
• 3 gears deploy in gear case
• Metal gear differential
• Dual pad slipper mounting
• Complete sealed gear bearing
• 12mm Hex fit wheels
• Metric socket screw (Hex Screws)
Item Required To Complete
•Metric 1.5mm, 2.0mm hex tools
• Metric 5.5mm, 7.0mm  Nut Driver
• 2 Channel Surface Radio System (Minimum)
• 1/10 ESC, Motor & Pinion Gear
• High Speed Servo
• 2S LiPo Shorty Battery & Compatible Lipo Charger
• Polycarbonate Paint for Bodies
•/10 Buggy Tires, inserts and CA Glu