PR S1 V3 (MM) 1/10 Electric 2WD Buggy PRO Kit (ball diff version)

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We've been hard at work here at PR Racing as we are always striving to improve
on our already great products! We are happy to announce that we've been working
on a new 2wd buggy platform based on our V3 design that which is optimized for
medium to low grip tracks such as dirt and wet astroturf. The new PRS1 V3 (MM)
2wd buggy will be available very soon.We are proud of offering our leading edge
quality and design. Our new V3 (MM) Bugg will showcase a 3 Gear Mid Motor
Transmission. The battery placement on our new V3 (MM)Chassis design will
offer both vertical and horizontal placementwhich helps give versatility and gives the
driver the chance to find the best possible weightdistribution for their applicatio
Our team of distributors and racers worldwide have been showing the quality of
ourproducts at the track, with exceptional race results, for some time now and we're
excited to release the next generation of competition off road model car for today's
serious R/C Racing enthusiast! Below are the specifications of the new

Specification: Length: 411mm
Width: 250mm Height: 145mm
Wheelbase: 285mm
Front track: 248mm
Rear track: 248mm
Weight:1570-1585 g
(race ready) CNC 3mm machined harden chassis 13mm
big bore oil fill in shock 3 gear mid motor gearbox
Competition Ball Differential Dual pad
slipper clutch Complete sealed bearing set
12mm Hex wheels firment
Metric socket screw (Hex Screws) Items required
to complete: ‧
Metric 1.5mm, 2.0mm hex tools ‧
Metric 5.5mm, 7.0mm 8.0mm Nut Driver ‧
2 Channel Surface Radio System (Minimum) ‧
1/10 ESC, Motor & Pinion
Gear ‧ High Speed Servo ‧ 2S LiPo Shorty Battery &
Compatible Lipo
Charger ‧ Polycarbonate Paint for Body ‧ 1/10 Buggy
Tires, inserts and CA Glue