PHAT BODIES "Vee” wing

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6.5" (165mm) 1/10 buggy wing suitable for Associated B6 Schumacher laydown

Used by Martin Owen to wing the 2019 South West regional off road series

Low profile rake at the rear section gives sufficient rear downforce but its lower drag feature, when trimmed to recommended cut lines, ensures low rotation around the rear axle which in turn reduces front end lift common on most buggy wings.

'V' design aids stability and stiffening ribs reduce flex giving a more consistent feel at higher speed.

Recommended for fast high grip tracks.

Made from superior quality 1.00mm Lexan polycarbonate
(lightweight 0.75mm version available on request)

- 165mm wide (6.5")

- super tough polycarbonate (Lexan)

- comes as a CLEAR moulding with cut lines ready for trimming and painting

- includes “Phat Bodies ” stickers