MIBO Electric Bubble Puller - 1/10 & 1/8 Offroad

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MIBO Electric Bubble Puller is a practical tool for every RC car racer. It is designed to create a vacuum and pull all air bubbles from your damper or differential oil with a push of a button. Just connect a power supply or battery and you are almost done.

With practicality in mind, 2 variants were selected to fit most racers. Even those, who race in more than just one class, can have just one vacuum pump.

  • MB-7201 - for 1/10 scale racers - both on-road and off-road
  • MB-7202 - for off-road racers - both 1/10 and 1/8 scale

Both of them have a compact, quality design and reliable operation, which simplifies the process of removing air bubbles, making it quicker, easier and more effective.

Using an electric vacuum pump for removing air bubbles from RC car damper oil offers several advantages. It helps prevent foaming and cavitation, which can lead to unpredictable suspension behavior and reduced damping effectiveness and also improves their performance and responsiveness.

The package also includes a quality case, ensuring the protection of the pump during transport and storage.

  • Input voltage: 5 - 8.4 V
  • Power cable: 50cm with 4mm banana plugs
  • 1/10 off-road damper plate holes diameter: 15.6 mm
  • 1/8 off-road damper plate holes diameter: 19 mm
  • 1/10 diff mount inner diameter: 10 mm (differential comes inside)
  • 1/8 diff mount outer diameter: 8 mm (differential comes outside)
  • Plexi cover height: 155 mm
  • Pump body
  • Transparent cover
  • 2 sizes of shock holders
  • 2 sizes of diff holders
  • 50cm power cable with 4mm banana connectors
  • Hard case bag for transport