MIBO Allen Wrench 1.5mm

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MIBO hex wrench with a light carbon handle and very hard tip. Black handle + black tip. The wrench size is marked on the aluminum insert of the handle.

The MIBO Allen Wrench is designed with the needs of RC racing enthusiasts in mind. Its lightweight carbon design makes it easy to carry in your pit box or toolbox. Thanks to sufficient dimensions and a solid surface it's also comfortable during extensive use.

The tip material was custom-made and thoroughly tested to find an optimal balance of hardness. The hex edges are highly resilient from stripping, so if you want a tip, that survives occasional bolt head strips without any harm, this one is for you.

And while it's not advised to use it as a lever, it's still not overly easy to snap.

Size of the hex tip 1.5 mm
Length of the tip 100 mm
Inner diameter of the insert 3.0 mm
Diameter of handle 18 mm
Length of handle 107 mm
Weight of handle 31 g
Total length 182 mm
Total weight 36 g