IGT8 Nitro GT

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What's new

The IGT8 2017 version is the ultimate GT platform combining great quality, performance and an outstanding look while still being the most affordable.

New Features

The IGT8 team is continuously working to make this GT platform the best performing GT in the market.


Available as an optional in our previous car, the IGT8 Red, the .8 transmission has proven to be a great success, improving not only acceleration but being a bullet proof transmission with very little maintenance which seems to be a common problem for most GT cars. This upgraded transmission also remains more consistent during the long runs and is 50 grams lighter than the previous one.


The new V2 clutch material and design is specifically made to work with our aluminum shoes providing a more suitable clutch engagement while still being able to be adjusted with the 3 tension spring positions.


After improving the harder plastic suspension arms in the IGT8 Red we have now taken it a step further. A solid arm now has less flex to increase response of the car.


We have changed the front and rear suspension geometry to have less roll and more traction.
With the feedback from our team drivers around the world and factory driver Paolo Morganti we have optimized the suspension geometry of the car to provide more traction while keeping the great corner speed that characterizes our car. This change has also improved tire wear and reduced tire temperatures.


Technical Information

Length 576mm
Width 317mm
Height 170mm
Weight 3510g (Weight may differ depending on electronics and engine brands)
Wheelbase 326mm~328mm
Internal Gear 13T bevel gear and 43T differential gear


1st Gear
18T pinion with 62T spur included
Pinion options: 17T, 19T and 20T
Spur options: 60T and 61T

2nd Gear 23T pinion with 58T spur included
Pinion options: 24T and 25T
Spur options: 56T and 57T


800 CST Shock oil
100,000 CST Diff Oil
50,000 CST Diff Oil


Radio and receiver
Receiver battery pack
Receiver switch
Engine and pipe system
Body and wing

Please refer to USB provided manual for assembly, a most recent version could be found in IGT8 Service & Supportsection if available.


Optional Parts

The IGT8 2017 comes with all the necessary parts to be a competitive race car: However, we also have a great selection of option parts to satisfy even the most demanding racer.

Most of the optional parts are intended to reduce weight in the car. The IGT8 2017 is very close to minimum weight so please make sure to check car weight after adding any optional parts to make sure you comply with your local track rules.

Rear Body Support

Part# IGT800F05
This optional rear body support prevents the rear portion of the body from bending down and helps prevent body tucks.

Titanium Screw Set

Part# IGT800T02
Made of high grade titanium, this set of 100 screws replace the original steel screws in the kit.

Titanium Rear Brace Screw

Part# IGT800T03
Made of high grade titanium it also comes with an aluminum nut.

Titanium Front Arms Screws 4pcs.

Part# IGT800T04
Made of high grade titanium this screws replaces the original steel ones that secures the C Hub to the Front arms.

Titanium Turnbuckle Set 5pcs.

Part# IGT800T05
Made of high grade titanium this replaces original turnbuckles and steering rod part# IGT8HF089

Aluminum Brake Cam 2pcs.

Part# IGT800T06
Made of hard coated aluminum, this part replaces original brake cam made of steel part# IGT8HF018

Aluminum A Bushings 4 pcs.

Part# IGT800T07
Made of hard coated aluminum, this part replaces original steel part IGT8HF042

Aluminum Joint Cups 2pcs

Part# IGT800T09
Made of hard coated aluminum, this part replaces original steel joint cup for center front and rear CVDs.

Aluminum Ball Set

Part# IGT800T10
Made of hard coated aluminum, this part replaces steel metal balls.

Titanium King Pins 4pcs

Part# IGT800T11
Made of high grade titanium this replaces original steel king pins part# IGT8HF040

Lightweight Differential Cup Joint 2pcs

Part# IGT800H01
Made of steel has openings to reduce weight compared to original diff cup joint part# IGT8HF005

Aluminum Steering Ball Joints 4pcs

Part# IGT800T08
Made of hard coated aluminum, this part replaces steel metal balls part# IGT8HF031

Serrated Wheel Nuts

Part# IGT800H02
Made of hard coated aluminum this serrated wheel nuts replace original part# IGT800H24

Rear 2.5mm Silver Swaybar

Part# IGT800H03
Silver 2.5mm rear Sway bar.

Front 2.5mm Silver Swaybar

Part# IGT800H28
Silver 2.5mm front swaybar.

Front 2.8mm Swaybar

Part# IGT8HF078
2.8mm front swaybar.

Aluminum Differential Cross Pins 4pcs

Part# IGT800H04
Made of hard coated aluminum this pins replace steel original pins part# IGT8HF027

105mm Rear Universal Set

Part# IGT800H05
Made of steel, this part replaces rear dog bone and axle parts # IGT8HD003 and IGT8HD001

Carbon Fiber Radio Tray Stiffener

Part# IGT800F01
Made of 3mm Carbon Fiber this stiffner reduces flex during breaking providing a more accurate input.

Carbon Fiber Ackerman A

Part# IGT800F2A
Made of Carbon fiber and mounted in bearings for smoother response, this optional is the shortest ackerman option.

Carbon Fiber Ackerman B

Part# IGT800F2B
Made of Carbon fiber and mounted in bearings for smoother response, this optional is the middle ackerman option which replaces part# IGT800H18

Carbon Fiber Ackerman C

Part# IGT800F2C
Made of Carbon fiber and mounted in bearings for smoother response, this optional is the longest ackerman option.

2.3mm Suspension Springs 2pcs

Part# IGT800F03
This are optional softer suspension springs, 2 pieces fits front or rear.

Flex Top Plate

Part# IGT800F04
This is the optional top plate for the front, provides more flex than standard IGT8HA003

Rear Hub Shaft

Part# IGT800H06
This optional replaces part# IGT8HF019

Aluminum CVD Axle

Part# IGT800T01
Lighter front or rear axle made of hard coated aluminum; this part replaces part# IGT8HD004

Aluminum Short Lock Nuts 3mm (Red 5pcs)

Part# IGT800T13
Anodized red aluminum 3mm nuts.

Chassis Brace Front & Rear

Part# IGT800H07
Made of anodized red aluminum, this part replaces part# IGT8HA011

IGT8 Chassis (Flex)

CNC machined chassis made from 7075-T6 premium aluminum. This chassis provides additional flex.

Aluminum Rear Up-Right w/Bearings

Part# IGT800H19
Optional anodized red aluminum rear up-right with bearings.

Carbon Fiber Transmission Top Mount

Part# IGT800F13
Replaces plastic top mount to provide less flex in the center of the chassis.

Lower FF Suspension Block

Part# IGT800F12
Used with the stock inserts, the new FF suspension block allows the racer to have greater adjustments for either anti-squad or anti-dive.

Carbon Fiber Servo Arm for

Part# IGT800F27
2 pcs for Throttle/Brakes and Steering. Made of 3mm Carbon fiber fits IGT8 GT and Buggy .

Center Optional Graphite Brace

Part# IGT800F16
Center Optional Graphite Brace. It needs IGT800F13 (Carbon Fiber Transmission Top Mount).

Center CVD Cover

Part# IGT800F17
Optional rubber boot for center CVD, fits front and rear

Plastic Bumper

Part# IGT800F18
Optional plastic bumper.

Carbon Fiber Front Body Post Support

Part# IGT800F21
Optional carbon fiber front body post support.

CNC 0 Degree Front C Hub

Part# IGT800H27
CNC 0 degree caster hub (Red).

IGT8 T-Shirts

IGT8 T-Shirts

IGT8 Cap

IGT8 Cap
The head size can be regulated.