Gear Diff Set Rear

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This Rear Gear Diff Set provides all the items you will need to build a racing differential unit. Precision manufactured Bevel Gears, a super-strong composite Gear Diff Case, Diff Outdrives and all the fixing and distance shimming hardware you will need. This set will allow you to build and carry several specifically tuned Gear Diff assemblies to provide a wide variety of vehicle set-up options.
Precision manufactured Bevel Gears for smooth power transfer and efficient differential operation - High-quality steel shims and Diff O-rings, in S40 Shore rating, for safe and secure fitting of your Diff internals - Super-fine Diff Gasket for reduced fluid leak under extreme temperatures - 39T Pulley Belt Guide for smooth and consistent drive belt operation - High-quality Counter Sunk Screws for easy servicing and secure fitting.
1 x Gear Diff Set Rear per pack
4 x 10T Bevel Gear
2 x 18T Bevel Gear
1 x Cross Shaft
1 x 39T Pulley Belt Guide
1 x Gear Diff Case
1 x Gear Diff Drive Pulley
2 x Gear Diff Outdrive
1 x 30mm x 10mm Silicone O-ring
1 x 5x2x0.2 Distance Shim
2 x 4x2mm Silicone O-ring - S40 Shore rated
2 x Diff E-Clips
2 x 1.5x7mm Diff Pin
2 x 5x10x0.8 Shim
4 x M2X6mm Counter Sunk Screw
8 x 3.6x9.4x0.2mm Shim
1 x 0.5mm Gasket