Diff Case & Pulley Set

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This high-quality Diff Case and Pulley Set are manufactured from premium quality composite and steel for strength, durability and long-lasting performance in all racing conditions.

Premium-quality composite 39T Pulley Belt Guide for smooth and consistent drive belt power transfer - Precision manufactured composite Gear Diff Case for fast and easy servicing and consistent Diff operation on all track surfaces - High-quality paper Gasket for secure sealing of your Diff assembly - Precision manufactured M2 Screws for durability and reliable servicing.

1 x 39T Composite Pulley Belt Guide
1 x Composite Gear Diff Case
1 x Composite Gear Diff Drive Pulley
1 x 0.5mm Paper Gasket
4 x M2x6mm Steel Screw
1 x 30x1mm Silicone O-ring