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Leadfinger Racing announces the all new Assassin body for the Tekno EB48 1:8 electric buggy!

Finding the right set up is key, and at times can be over looked when it comes to choosing the right body. The choice is the Assassin. With design help of team driver Chris Giraldo, Leadfinger carries over this great design and offers it now for the popular Tekno EB48 electric buggy. You will immediately feel the difference in the Assassin, as it will aide in set up and allow you to attack the track with confidence. The narrower design and raised cab sides help the Tekno's straight line stability on long straights when you need it most. Raised front side pods allow the option to cut holes to help direct air flow into the car. This helps to keep your power plant running cooler in longer mains. The rear swoop has been carried over form the former TLR design to direct air flow perfectly over the wing. This results in more level jumping and greater overall down force to the car when entering and exiting turns. The LFR Assassin body is made of thicker Lexan for greater durability. The clear masking is easy to remove and makes drawing your personal paint scheme a breeze. All of the Assassin's mold design's are hand crafted, personally inspected for quality and made in the U.S.A. by Leadfinger.

*Unique Assassin design
*Aids car with over all set up
*Raised cab sides gives straight line stability
*Side pod cut option helps keep electronics running cool
* Rear swoop directs flow to the wing
*More level jumping and overall down force
*Thicker lexan for greater durability
*Made in the U.S.A. by Leadfinger